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Axletree Solutions is the leading provider of SaaS bank communication and treasury automation solutions to banks and Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. With the combination of Treasurytree®, Symmetree®, Compliance and SWIFT Connectivity, Axletree provides a comprehensive single window automated treasury & payments solutions to corporate treasurers and the banking community.

Solutions Marketplace

  • Treasurytree: Optimization of Treasury Operations through automated tools for
  • Cash Management & Reconciliation
  • Cash Forecasting & Liquidity Management
  • Bank Account Management and Control
  • Bank Fees Analysis and Reporting
  • Symmetree: Initiate, Automate and Control Payments seamlessly using
  • Centralized Payment Hub for visibility and control of enterprise-wide payments and reports
  • Funds Transfer from Treasurytree and other applications
  • Transform, Transfer, Control, and Report on payments
  • Prevent fraud, control exposure and minimize fees
  • SWIFT Connectivity: Streamline bank access across the enterprise
  • Use Axletree expertise and certified experts to manage your SWIFT gateway or
  • Use Axletree’s SWIFT Service Bureau to connect to your banks seamlessly
  • Regulatory Compliance: Leverage a complete portfolio of products and services
    • FIS Prime Compliance Suite comprising Sanctions Screening; Anti Money Laundering; FinCEN and KYC Enhanced Due Diligence
    • Part 504 Compliance
    • Advisory Services

Solutions in Action


  • Cash Management: The Cash Management module provides clear visibility into the global cash and liquidity of all your business operations. You can make better funding and investment decisions with up-to-date information and a thorough analysis of your cash availability.
  • Cash Forecasting: The Cash Forecasting module allows you to forecast more efficiently and with greater accuracy through its advanced modeling techniques. Create forecasts for daily to yearly cash positions and any time interval in between. Now you can reduce excess liquidity, predict future shortages and optimize interest income. Detailed cash flow projections and variance reports on demand will support your analysis.
  • Electronic bank account management (e-BAM): e-BAM lets you keep track of signatories authorized to open, manage and close bank accounts. Manage your bank relationships with unparalleled control, being able to view all accounts across all geographical locations.
  • Bank Fee Analysis: The Bank Fee Analysis module allows you to analyze electronic bank fee statements (EDI 822, BSB) in an easy to read format. Use comparative bank fee analysis to negotiate better prices with your banks and automatically verify fees charged against contractual agreements to identify discrepancies.
  • Cash Reconciliation: The Cash Reconciliation module integrates with your company’s ERP system to automate the process of balance reconciliation. Eliminate operational risk by doing away with the manual end-of-day and intra-day balance reconciliation.
  • FBAR Regulatory Compliance: The FBAR Module delivers automated Foreign Bank Account Reporting in compliance with the requirements of the United States Treasury.

 SWIFT Solutions

  • SWIFT Service Bureau: Customers worldwide rely on the hosting and support services of the Axletree SWIFT Service Bureau to exchange their financial messages reliably and securely. Our customer service engineers offer “live” 24x7x365 continuous global expertise and support guaranteeing complete peace of mind. As one of the top 5 SWIFT service bureaus in the world, we offer customers a robust bank connectivity solution that ensures superior service and value.
  • SWIFT Consulting Services: Axletree supports our customer’s in-house SWIFT environment with the expertise of our SWIFT certified professionals. Axletree can design, implement, upgrade and provide on-going pro-active maintenance of the SWIFT infrastructure.

SYMMETREE by AXLETREE® Integration and Payment Hub

  • Symmetree tackles the challenge of message communication between SWIFT and an organization’s internal systems. The solution can integrate proprietary back-office applications with the SWIFT network by bridging the gap between different messaging formats and SWIFT messaging formats.

 Compliance Solutions

  • Regulatory Compliance: We provide comprehensive solutions to customers who wish to manage their compliance risks associated with SWIFT transactions. We offer integrated Sanctions Screening (OFAC), FinCEN, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) as standalone products or hosted solutions.

Company Overview

  • Company started in 2001 New Jersey, USA, and Head Quarters is located in North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
  • Global Offices: Chennai, India, and Montevideo, Uruguay
    • Core Business Areas:
      • SWIFT Connectivity Services
      • Treasurytree Treasury Management Solution
      • Symmetree by Axletree® Integration and Payment Hub
      • Banking and Corporate Compliance
      • Professional Consulting Services