Treasurytree TMS

Helping You Manage the Invisible

Aggregate your global Nostro Reporting instantly in the morning with a visual representation of cash by country.

Be on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Provide your clients with the ability to connect their bank accounts electronically

Provide the Superior Customer Service

Providing high quality, relevant and timely support that meets or exceeds your customer’s every expectation.

Treasurytree’s Modules include:


Execute eBAM requests from your clients with a powerful workflow manager that processes and routes account management mandates. Lower operational costs associated with account management while improving your SLAs with your clients.

Corresponding Bank Account Management

Provides you with the correct cash position which helps you manage your Nostro accounts.

Cash Management / Nostro Reporting

Maximize client satisfaction and settlement completion by ensuring that your Nostro accounts are funded appropriately. Treasurytree’s Cash Management module is configured to help you manage your counterparty relationships and cash levels.

Bank Fee Analysis

The Bank Fee Analysis module facilitates analysis of electronic bank fee statements (EDI 822, BSB) in an easy to read format. Keep track of what fee’s you are charging your clients and if you are charging the correct fee.