Financial Institutions

Treasurytree® TMS

  • Helping You Manage the Invisible

Complete a global Cash Position instantly in the morning, enabling proactive decision making to stay ahead of changing market conditions. Ensure funds are available to meet your needs at the right place, at the right time.

  • Better Data, Yields Better Results

Automate data collection and input to produce better reports. Entering data manually into spreadsheets is tedious and error-prone.

  • Get the Control You Want from the Treasury Cloud

Increase control by using the treasury cloud; reduce your operating costs and streamline efficiency.

Treasurytree is a centralized SaaS Treasury platform addressing the challenges of financial data spread across multiple departments, geographical locations, and currencies. This online portal automates processes and minimizes manual work, providing full visibility into your organization’s finances.


    • Corresponding Bank Account Management
    • Bank Fee Analysis
    • Nostro Reporting
    • EBAM

SWIFT Service Bureau

SWIFT connectivity provides a standardized system for communication between the bank and its corporate clients, streamlining tasks associated with financial communications. It is a very powerful tool for banks. Its messaging capabilities include Payments, Securities, Trade Finance, FX/Treasury and Market Infrastructure.

Enterprise Integration

Symmetree is an advanced tool providing a full range of integration, transport, and reporting services for enterprise customers.

Axletree’s Message Transformation and Integration solution tackle the challenge of message communication between SWIFT and an organization’s internal systems. The solution can also integrate proprietary back-office applications with the SWIFT network by bridging the gap between different proprietary messaging formats and SWIFT messaging formats.

Professional Services

We support client’s in-house SWIFT environment with the expertise of our certified professionals. Axletree designs, implements, upgrades, provides on-going pro-active maintenance and support of the SWIFT infrastructure.